Our technology & innovation

Over the past five years Misys has developed the Misys FusionFabric Platform to connect and integrate its solutions in a new and innovative way.

Its unique FusionFabric technology underpins all its solutions and brings numerous benefits to Misys customers:

Common user interface

Employing state-of-the-art design based on open, standard HTML5 technology Misys delivers a common interface and user experience across the product suite.


The suite of componentised services can be added on top of any Misys core system and third-party solutions are integrated easily via open APIs. Misys customers can add new functionality as required without the need to rip and replace their existing systems.

Proven core systems

The core systems that power each Misys solution are tried and tested in the market. Misys ensures the right core system that best meets the customer’s needs and helps leverage new and innovative capabilities as required.

The componentised approach allows Apps created on FusionFabric to run easily in a cloud or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) environment to give banks the ultimate choice and agility they need. Misys believes this is how banking applications will be built in the future.

Misys FusionFabric:

  • Open standards connectivity
  • State-of-the-art user experience
  • Big data set aggregations
  • Superfast in-memory calculations
  • Native parallel processing support
  • Native cloud deployment

Misys FinCloud

We are committed to offering our customers the choice of cloud or on-premise deployment for all our major products. We have been providing private cloud based solutions for over a decade and today the Misys FinCloud offers the right combination of software solutions, infrastructure and services to enable innovation and transformation for all our customers.

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See FusionFabric in action:

The technology architecture that underpins all Misys solutions