Retail banking

To grow and prosper in a world where the competitive landscape has been turned on its head, banks need a retail banking solution that has been designed for the future.

Banks must progress beyond cost. Digital transformation is key. Architectural agility is crucial to seize new business opportunities, drive customer insight and succeed. In the new era of banking, the most successful will be those able to deliver the most relevant services, just-in-time, through the right channels to drive customer relationships and loyalty.

Our retail core banking platform creates the capability banks need to drive core process efficiency, enhance functionality and enrich their customers’ experience. The Misys FusionBanking solution portfolio is designed to bring flexibility, adaptability and speed to retail banking with fully integrated risk management components to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

The solution suite includes Misys FusionBanking Essence, a dedicated retail banking solution and Misys FusionBanking Digital, a comprehensive digital banking suite. Built on the most innovative and highly componentised architecture in the market, these retail banking solutions deliver ultimate performance and agility and enable a comprehensive omnichannel customer experience.

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FusionBanking Essence – Front-to-back banking transformation


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